About Christophe


Artist Advisor
Supervisor for the conception and production of artworks


Conceptual expertise | Writing support (grant applications, residencies, administration) | Technical expertise | Production Manager (contract, research, project expertise) | Conception (technical advice, drawing, logistics) | Manufacturing follow-up (on builders and service providers) | And many other personalized services depending on the specifics of each project |

About Christophe

Photos © Delphine Lermite

Passionate about complex objects and their mechanics, Christophe is a jack-of-all-trades, creative and innovative. At the end of his studies, he naturally turned to the Arts and Design where he developed his creativity and his skills in drawing techniques, design, applied arts and R&D.

In 2012, he creates his own workshop and, until today, he works there with several international artists (choreographers, photographers, sculptors, directors, plastic artists…), to whom he offers his expertise and technical skills.

In 2014, he is recruited by Le Fresnoy (Studio National des Arts Contemporains) where he worked until 2019 in close collaboration with artists from the early stages of their projects and created the Installation Center and a Workshop-Laboratory (inspired in the FabLab concept).

In 2020, he creates with the « Largo Space project » team a new Workshop-Laboratory in Peniche, Portugal to promote art & culture where he works in new artistic projects.

With much energy and inspiration, Christophe is central to the conception, development and execution of many innovative projects and a force to be reckoned with.


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